Wayne Kerr 65120BD1

Precision Impedance Analyzer (20Hz - 120MHz)
0.05% accuracy; C, L, R, Z, X, D, Q, fi, Y, G, B

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The 6500B series of Precision Impedance Analyzers provide precise and fast testing of components at frequencies up to 120 MHz. Basic measurement accuracy is ±0.05% making the instruments the best in the class.

The accuracy and versatility makes the precision analyzers the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications including passive component design, dielectric material characterisation and manufacturing test.

Engineers need to evaluate component characteristics at high frequencies with high levels of accuracy. The 65120B 120 MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer is therefore ideal for many demanding tasks, combining accuracy and ease of use at an affordable price. If a frequency range up to 120 MHz is not required then other models are available. The 6505B 5MHz instrument is the entry level model in the range.

• Precise high frequency impedance measurements 
• Characterize components to 120 MHz (65120B) 
• 0.05% basic measurement accuracy   
• Comprehensive measurement functions 
• Easy to use with large TFT touch screen 
• Clear graphic displays 
• Intuitive user interface  
• Fully programmable over GPIB 
• Equivalent Circuit Analysis function 
• Competitively priced

Measurement parameters
Capacitance (C) Inductance (L) Resistance (R) Reactance (X) Conductance (G) Susceptance (B) Dissipation Factor (D) Quality Factor (Q) Impedance (Z) Admittance (Y) Phase Angle (O)

Frequency range:
6505B 20Hz to 5MHz
6510B 20Hz to 10MHz
6515B 20Hz to 15MHz
6520B 20Hz to 20MHz
6530B 20Hz to 30MHz
6550B 20Hz to 50MHz
65120B 20Hz to 120MHz

Frequency step size 0.1 mHz
Accuracy of set frequency ±0.005"% 

DC bias option (/D1 or /D2) and Equivalent Circuit Analysis are standard on 65120B. 
Price includes any two firmware options free of charge.

All units are supplied with the following items as standard:
- 1J1011 Fixture,
- User Manual,
- AC power cable (2m),
- USB memory, 
- Pen/stylus & Calibration Certificate.
Bin handler (cannot be fitted with /B2) /B1
Bin handler - isolated 24V (cannot be fitted with /B1) /B2
DC Bias ( 0 to +100mA and 0 to +40V ) /D1
DC Bias ( -40V to +40V ) /D2

  • Frequency max. 120 MHz

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