GW Instek AFG-2225

Arbitrary generator AFG-2225 2x25MHz

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* Wide Frequency Ranges From 1μHz to 25MHz (sine/square wave)
* 1 μHz Resolution in Full Range
* Built-in Standard 120MSa/s, 10bit, 4k Points Arbitrary Waveform for Both Channels
* True Dual-Channel Output, CH2 Provides the Same Characteristics as CH1
* Couple, Tracking, Phase Operations of Dual Channel are Supported
* 1% ~ 99% Adjustable Duty Cycle for Square Waveform
* High Resolution and Colored TFT LCD with Friendly User Interface
* Multiple Editing methods to Edit Arbitrary Waveform Easily
* Built-in Standard AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM/Sweep/Burst and Frequency Counter
* USB Host/Device Interface for Remote Control and Waveform Editing

The specifications apply when the function generator is powered on for at least 30 minutes under +18°C~+28°C.

AFG-2225 models CH1CH2
Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, ARB
Arbitrary Functions
 Sample Rate120 MSa/s
 Repetition Rate60 MHz
 Waveform Length4k points
 Amplitude Resolution10 bits
 Non-Volatile Memory4k points
Frequency Characteristics
RangeSine, Square1uHz~25MHz
Resolution      1uHz
AccuracyStability±20 ppm
 Aging±1 ppm, per 1 year
 Tolerance≤1 mHz
Output Characteristics
AmplitudeRange1mVpp to 10 Vpp (into 50Ω)
2mVpp to 20 Vpp (open-circuit)
1mVpp to 5 Vpp (into 50Ω) for 20MHz-25MHz
2mVpp to 10 Vpp (open-circuit) for 20MHz-25MHz
 Accuracy ±2% of setting ±1 mVpp (at 1 kHz)
 Resolution1mV or 3 digits
 Flatness±1% (0.1dB) ≤100kHz
±3% (0.3 dB) ≤5MHz
±5% (0.4 dB) ≤12MHz
±10%(0.9dB) ≤25MHz
(sine wave relative to 1kHz)
 UnitsVpp, Vrms, dBm
OffsetRange±5 Vpk ac +dc (into 50Ω)
±10Vpk ac +dc (Open circuit)
±2.5 Vpk ac +dc (into 50Ω) for 20MHz-25MHz
±5Vpk ac +dc (Open circuit) for 20MHz-25MHz
 Accuracy2% of setting + 10mV+ 0.5% of amplitude
Waveform OutputImpedance50Ω typical (fixed)
> 10MΩ (output disabled)
 ProtectionShort-circuit protected
Overload relay automatically disables main output
Sine wave Characteristics
 Harmonic distortion≤-55 dBc   DC ~ 200kHz, Ampl > 0.1Vpp
≤-50 dBc   200kHz ~ 1MHz, Ampl > 0.1Vpp
≤-35 dBc   1MHz ~ 5MHz, Ampl > 0.1Vpp
≤-30 dBc   5MHz ~ 25MHz, Ampl > 0.1Vpp
Square wave Characteristics
 Rise/Fall Time≤25ns at maximum output. (into 50 Ω load)
 Asymmetry1% of period +5 ns
 Variable Duty Cycle1.0% to 99.0% ≤100kHz
10% to 90% ≤ 1MHz
50% ≤ 25MHz
Ramp Characteristics
 Linearity< 0.1% of peak output
 Variable Symmetry0% to 100% (0.1% Resolution)
Pulse Characteristics
 Pulse Width20ns~1999.9s
 Jitter20ppm +10ns
AM Modulation
 Carrier WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse,Arb Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse,Arb
 Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
Sine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
 Modulating Frequency2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
 Depth0% to 120.0%0% to 120.0%
 SourceInternal / ExternalInternal / External
FM Modulation
 Carrier WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp,Sine, Square, Ramp,
 Modulating WaveformsSine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
Sine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
 Modulating Frequency2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
 Peak DeviationDC to Max FrequencyDC to Max Frequency
 SourceInternal / ExternalInternal / External
 WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp, Sine, Square, Ramp,
 TypeLinear or LogarithmicLinear or Logarithmic
 Start/Stop Freq1uHz to Max Frequency1uHz to Max Frequency
 Sweep Time1ms to 500s1ms to 500s
 SourceInternal / External/ManualInternal / External/Manual
 Carrier WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp, PulseSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse
 Modulating Waveforms50% duty cycle square50% duty cycle square
 Modulation Rate2mHz to 100 kHz (INT)
DC to 100 kHz(EXT)
2mHz to 100 kHz (INT)
DC to 100 kHz(EXT)
 Frequency Range 1uHz to Max Frequency1uHz to Max Frequency
 SourceInternal / ExternalInternal / External
 Carrier WaveformsSine, Square, RampSine, Square, Ramp
 Modulating WaveformsSine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
Sine, Square, Triangle,
Upramp, Dnramp
 Modulation Frequency2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
 Phase deviation 0˚ to 360˚0˚ to 360˚
 SourceInternal / ExternalInternal / External
 Carrier WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, NoiseSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
 Modulating WaveformsSine, Square, Triangle,
Sine, Square, Triangle,
 Modulation Frequency2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
2mHz to 20kHz (Int)
DC to 20kHz (Ext)
 SUM Depth0% to 100.0%0% to 100.0%
 SourceInternal / ExternalInternal / External
External Trigger Input
 TypeFor FSK, Burst, Sweep
 Input LevelTTL Compatibility
 SlopeRising or Falling(Selectable)
 Pulse Width >100ns
 Input Impedance10kΩ,DC coupled
External Modulation Input
 TypeFor AM, FM, PM, SUM
 Voltage Range ±5V full scale
 Input Impedance10kΩ
 FrequencyDC to 20kHz
Trigger Output
 TypeFor Burst, Sweep, Arb
 LevelTTL Compatible into 50Ω
 Pulse Width>450ns
 Maximum Rate1MHz
 Fan-out≥4 TTL Load
 Impedance50Ω Typical
Dual Channel Function
 Phase-180˚ ~180˚ -180˚ ~ 180˚
  Synchronize phaseSynchronize phase
 CouplingFrequency(Ratio or Difference)Frequency(Ratio or Difference)
  Amplitude & DC OffsetAmplitude & DC Offset
 WaveformsSine, Square, Ramp Sine, Square, Ramp
 Frequency1uHz~25MHz 1uHz~25MHz
 Burst Count1 to 65535 cycles or Infinite1 to 65535 cycles or Infinite
 Start/Stop Phase -360 to +360-360 to +360
 Internal Period1ms to 500s1ms to 500s
 Gate SourceExternal TriggerExternal Trigger
 Trigger SourceSingle, External or Internal RateSingle, External or Internal Rate
Trigger DelayN-Cycle, Infinite0s to 655350ns0s to 655350ns
Frequency Counter
 Range5Hz to 150MHz
 AccuracyTime Base accuracy±1count
 Time Base±20ppm (23˚C ±5˚C) after 30 minutes warm up
 ResolutionThe maximum resolution is:
100nHz for 1Hz, 0.1Hz for 100MHz.
 Input Impedance1kΩ/1pf
 Sensitivity 35mVrms ~ 30Vms (5Hz to 150MHz)
 10 Groups of Setting Memories
 USB (Host & Device)
 3.5”TFT LCD
General Specifications
 Power SourceAC100~240V, 50~60Hz
 Power Consumption25 W (Max)
 Operating EnvironmentTemperature to satisfy the specification :  18 ~ 28˚C
Operating temperature :
0 ~ 40˚C
Relative Humidity:
< 80%, 0 ~ 40˚C
Installation category: CAT II
 Operating Altitude2000 Meters
 Storage Temperature-10~70˚C, Humidity: ≤70%
 Dimensions (WxHxD)266(W) x 107(H) x 293(D) mm
 WeightApprox. 2.5kg
 AccessoriesGTL-101× 2
Quick Start Guide ×1
CD (user manual + software) ×1
Power cord×1


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